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How Are We Able to Offer Top Quality at Such a Great Price?

With MAKO®, you get a lot more boat for your money, and it's easy to understand why. Our company is the volume leader in boat manufacturing and sales, allowing us to source materials at lower prices and operate with lower profit margins. And we use Lean Sigma manufacturing principles for maximum efficiency–the same business principles used by leading aerospace, automobile, and medical companies. The end result is that you get a top-quality boat at the best possible, NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® price, and backed by the MAKO Assurance 5+Life—the best factory warranty in saltwater boats.

1. The Sales Volume Leader

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White River Marine Group- The #1 Recreational Boat Manufacturer In The World

MAKO® boats are built by White River Marine Group, the largest boat builder in the world by volume. Higher volume means lower prices for top quality raw materials and components. This is because serving one large customer is less costly for suppliers than servicing several smaller ones. We pass along our lower costs for materials and components in the form of better retail prices for the final product.

2. Lean Sigma Manufacturing Practices

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Eliminates Waste To Deliver High Quality At Lower Cost

MAKO® boats are manufactured using Lean Sigma principles that sustain a culture of continuous improvement, affecting every step of the manufacturing process. Our team members systematically identify and eliminate waste, like defects, excess inventory and unnecessary movement of materials. By utilizing everyone's talents to the fullest, we are able to deliver better quality and value in the boats we build.

3. Vertical Integration

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We Build Many Of the Components For Our Boats

That's what "Vertical Integration" means. By making many of our own systems and component parts, like livewells, consoles, seats, fuel tanks and trailers, we eliminate costs associated with buying from outside suppliers. By cutting out "middle man" charges for transportation, overhead and profit margins, we are able to give you more boat for the money.


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Fair Prices And Good Deals For Everyone, Every Day, Every Place

Most boats are sold through a process that requires negotiation to reach the final price. This means that many buyers pay more than they have to, while great negotiators get the best deals. MAKO® pricing policy presents the final price up front for everyone to see. And since we need less profit per boat to run our business, our retail prices are pre-set at levels most others reach only by aggressive negotiation. Our NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® prices are consistent across the country, from websites, to advertisements, to retailer showrooms, so everyone can expect the best deal available every day, no matter where you shop.

5. Vip Owner Discount Card

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Save Up To 10% On Bass Pro Shops® and Cabela's® Purchases!

When you buy any new MAKO® boat, you'll receive a VIP Owner Discount Card, which gives you 10% off leading Bass Pro Shops® and Cabela's® brands—plus 10% off almost everything else in the store—for up to 2 years! Members of our military receive an additional year of savings. Click here to learn more about offer details!

6. Peace Of Mind

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Proven Quality Backed By A Leader In The Outdoors

MAKO® boats are backed by the MAKO Assurance 5+Life
—the best factory warranty in saltwater boats:

  • Limited lifetime structural hull warranty
  • 5-year "stem-to-stern" coverage warranty
  • 3-year gelcoat coverage warranty
  • Provisions for transfer to second owner

And standing behind our promise is the strength and stability of our parent company, Bass Pro Group, the world's premier outdoor retailer.

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