Proven Performance

At MAKO® Boats, we recognize that saltwater anglers want a boat that’s not only feature-packed and tough as nails, but also performs great in a variety of conditions. And by perform, we don’t just mean to go fast. True performance includes speed, smoothness, stability and dryness in calm seas or choppy conditions.

Read on to see how we have developed a variety of hulls to handle the specific conditions you’ll find inshore or off.

Advanced Inverted V (AIV) Hull

The award-winning AIV hull on our Pro Skiff models results in an extremely smooth and stable ride. The shape incorporates an anti-spray design, clear-water channels and inverted V to produce exceptional acceleration and quick planing, as well as great turning at higher speeds. It’s also extremely dry, even in chop.    


The LTS models feature the industry-exclusive RPS design comprising a midship step in the hull and partial tunnel in the aft section of the keel. Upon takeoff, the tunnel helps produce a faster holeshot and quicker planing. On plane, you’ll enjoy higher top-end.

Aggressive Deep V

Every offshore model features our legendary hull design. This design takes a sharp, wave-cutting V at the bow and transitions it to a flatter stern section for planing. The result is higher speeds, more fuel efficiency and better handling while cruising. It even mitigates listing at slower speeds and at rest! In addition, there are wide reversed chines that help create a dry ride in chop, and stability at rest.    

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